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Sigma Hires New Project Manager


Sigma Hires New Project Manager

June 28, 2016:  Sigma Systems is pleased to announce the addition of a Senior Project Manager.  For those clients who have been with Sigma for some time, you will recognize the name Harriet Downer!  Harriet is a former Executive Vice President at Sigma.  She will be taking over for Kevin Christian.  Kevin is moving on to that long anticipated phase of life called RETIREMENT.  Congratulations, Kevin and thanks for all of your dedicated service over the years!

Harriet brings to Sigma an approach to her day that embraces an expectation for high performance, continuous improvement and strategic thinking.  Not to mention a wealth of experience in financial aid.   Many of you will remember Harriet because, in fact, she has maintained many of her professional ties to staff and management of many Higher Education institutions, including the U.S. Department of Education.  Since her time with Sigma she has served on many non-profit boards and manages her consulting company, Logical Connections, LLC., which serves the education industry.  Through Logical Connection, she will be joining our implementation teams.

Welcome back, Harriet!